Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marine Phytoplankton: For Optimal Health & Maximum Longevity

Marine Phytoplankton are the greatest super food on the planet for achieving optimum health and maximum longevity. They are called marine phytoplankton because they are ‘plankton’ (floating and suspended) and are found in the sea or ocean; hence the word ‘marine’; and lastly, ‘phyto’ refers to their ability to convert sunlight to oxygen. The word ‘plankton’ is the name we give these microorganisms that flourish in our waters; although technically, ‘jelly-fish’ are also considered a form of phytoplankton.

According to Wikipedia, there are about 5,000 species of marine Phytoplankton; and some have been around for nearly four billion years; making them easily one of the first forms of life on earth. Currently, their numbers in the Oceans have been dwindling worldwide. “A 2010 study published in Nature found that marine phytoplankton have declined substantially in the world's oceans over the past century. Since 1950 alone, phytoplankton concentrations in surface waters were reported to have decreased by about 40%, possibly in response to ocean warming”

There are far too many health benefits in using marine phytoplankton as a source of food to list here in this initial posting. This blog will therefore be dedicated to uncovering the truth and total health benefits of this amazing and versatile ‘oxygen creating’ microorganism.

The future of our health and ecological diversity both on land and within our Seas, will solely be dependent on this highly nutritionally dense phytoplankton. As my inspirational mentor Jacques Cousteau was always fond of stating, well over fifty years ago, “the future of nutrition is found in the ocean".

Without a doubt, marine phytoplankton are considered to be the world’s most nutritional and total food source; meaning, they have all the necessary nutrients your body needs to optimally utilize for maximum physical and brain function.  Your health, well being, and longevity could be dramatically improved, totally, and across the boards, with this one change in your diet.

Let me just briefly list some of the general health benefits of adding marine phytoplankton to your daily diet:

According to Shirley’s Wellness Cafe the list is rather long and impressive. Here is the link and copy of the list available from her website:

Cardiovascular Health -Supports a healthy heart
Cholesterol -Clinically tested to reduce cholesterol
Blood Sugars -Stabilizes blood sugar levels
Neurological Support -Mental alertness, ADHD, Parkinson’s, and general dementia
Joint Health -Relieves pain and inflammation
Skin Care -Psoriasis ? Dermatitis
Vision -More effective than Lutein
Liver Health -Supports a healthy liver
Sleep -Promotes better sleep quality
Energy -Increases energy
More Omega 3 than fish oil, Antioxidants not found in other products, Phospholipids for cell membranes. It is also good alkaline -8 -8.5 PH

My purpose in keeping this blog going will be to focus on this ONE topic...marine phytoplankton; and truthfully examine their many health benefits; including, the present dangers to our aquatic life forms in our overly polluted and overly fished Oceans and Seas.

My personal opinion regarding this nutritionally enhancing life form is that it will mean the difference between life and death on this planet! Enjoy it's many marvelous health and heeling benefits while you still can. Our Oceans and Seas are being assaulted to death by our consumptive lifestyles and wasteful practices.

Please consider the planets' health, as you consider your own. We are all inextricably linked; nearly all life forms are totally oxygen dependent!

Here is a link to showcase just how much we use-up and waste in our daily lives...IT MUST STOP!

Stay tuned for more marine phytoplankton news, views, and their seemingly limitless life changing/saving health properties.


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