Monday, February 27, 2012

Marine Phytoplankton: Truly, the Basis of Our Life, Health, & Our Future

For the first one or two uneventful billion years of our planets’ primordial evolution; our majestic deep blue orb, as presently viewed from space, was cooling and spinning; and ever so deliberately evolving towards something miraculous and sublime...Life. Suddenly, incredibly, it happened! Somewhere around 3 billion years ago, a single-celled micro-organism began this amazing adventure...Today, they are simple known as marine phytoplankton!

Some estimates claim with scientific validity that 70% of our worlds’ oxygen supply comes from this microscopic phytoplankton, and other algae. Their astonishing ability has helped profoundly shape our planet, and nearly all life forms within it. By way of photosynthesis, they are able to convert the sun’s rays, and the nutrients within the surrounding water they are suspended in; and create oxygen, as a by-product; without which life on our planet would not be possible.

Because of their key evolutionary position and longevity, much interest and science has been focused on these microscopic marvels; the least of which, by oceanographic explorers. For several decades now, the research has been developing at a feverish pitch. It is no longer just anecdotal evidence that touts the health benefits of using marine phytoplankton as a viable food source; mainstream science has also overwhelmingly proven this now indisputable fact!  

The findings are in...Incredible; Amazing; Miraculous; Life Saving; and Life Sustaining; these are just the tip of the ice-berg, in terms of praise and powerful health changing benefits!

 Advanced nano-molecular technology combined with spectroscopic nutritional analysis has given us the recent insight to see exactly what kind of ‘nutritional power’ these watery wonders contain. Not surprisingly, marine phytoplankton include an amazing array of our planets most potent and powerful biological substances, of great benefit to our bodies, our brain functions, as well as our world. 

These biological organisms are without equal in both the animal and plant kingdoms for their natural and organic effectiveness; factually, they deliver one of the highest vitamin, mineral, oil, and phytonutrient content per gram; of almost any other substance known!

These marine phytoplankton continue to Amaze and Inspire....

Astonishingly, they contain up to 60% protein by weight, compared to for example 22% for beef. Please note, that once beef is even slightly cooked, it contains half as much protein-11%! Heating, frying, or grilling, basically adding any high heat can destroy almost all of the protein content within animal and fish meats. 

This is one reason why we are over-eating on some forms of protein, particularly meats. We need to eat more of it, the more we ‘crisp’in-it’ by adding way too much heat!

Another marvelous fact about this magnificent microorganism is that they are also considered to be a ‘complete’ protein source. It seems that all nine of our essential amino acids; these protein building blocks, that we cannot produce in our own bodies; are also contained in great abundance in every cell of these marine phytoplankton. Including, almost every other element in the Periodic Table of Elements; each in proper balance, and totally bio-available to you, within seconds to minutes upon ingestion!

Biologically speaking, they are the densest and richest nutritional food source on the planet. Amazingly, people’s lives and health have been transformed and changed forever, when eating this simple yet powerful microorganism on a regular basis-every day.

So, why is it that we haven’t heard that much about them for our own health? Well for one, they don’t have as BIG a voice, or as DEEP a pocket, as the dairy, beef, pork, or poultry industries!

For another, these mighty micro-organisms don’t seem as appetizing or as friendly to eat. Most people prefer their critters dead before they eat’em; even if they are a ‘powerful and nutritious’ microorganism of the Sea. 

We live in a chemical world, confronted by poisons at every turn. These microscopic marvels do double duty as natural detoxifier and purifier within your body. For example, they can even eliminate metal toxins from deep within our bodies, tissues, and organs.

Today, because of our science and technology, we are finally discovering the truth about the Sea, and the true value of marine phytoplankton. They may just become our next ‘evolutionary’ food; while becoming our most effective disease fighting agent.

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