Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marine Phytoplankton: Is it Really the Greatest Super Food on the Planet?

Many natural health researchers and practitioners believe that marine phytoplankton are the greatest super food on the planet....

Years of dedicated and hard won research, among many diverse Doctors, scientists, and health researchers; have unanimously concluded, that marine phytoplankton are the best complete source of edible nutrition found anywhere on our planet. And as of late, this ‘oxygen-creating’ microorganism has even attained cult super food status; as the greatest of all foods that are present within our Lands, Oceans, and Seas!

Marine phytoplankton are made up of an amazing array, a full and complete spectrum, of vitamins; minerals; amino-acids; fatty-acids; sugars; and other assorted phyto and micro nutrients; too numerous here to mention! All of these power-packed natural ingredients are totally bio-available immediately upon ingestion. 

More powerful than any other pill, drink, food, or elixir on this planet; they contain no buffers, fillers, or contaminated additives, etc; they are the pure raw and concentrated primordial energy of the ages, exploding within your body with a biological vengeance; of a power like you have never felt before; optimally healing and energizing your body, while maximizing your brain function.

Marine phytoplankton have also been known for many other health modulating benefits; including, stimulating immune system and cellular repair, to all of your 75 trillion cells simultaneously; a purifier and detoxifier of cells and organs; including, heavy metals and radioactive particles; also contains anti-viral and anti-fungal agents; has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; improves cardiac function; promotes blood sugar balance; even provides natural relief from asthma, and other allergies.

Because marine phytoplankton contains higher than normal concentrations of chlorophyll; this is the main detoxifying ingredient within. It works wonders on a cellular level; even acting on the organs to help leech out toxins, poisons, and pollutants from your body; including, even heavy metals and radiation.

Most of the energizing power of marine phytoplankton happens on a cellular level to the mitochondria; better known as the power-house of the cell. It even repairs broken or damaged DNA! Make no mistake; this is a wondrous food source that should be used on a daily basis; and, by everyone in the family, both young and old; especially, by people that have been chronically sick or diseased!

Based on my research findings, and the seemingly endless litany of ongoing and growing testimonials from every corner of our planet; marine phytoplankton are the next stage in our evolution. We came from the Sea; and it will be the Sea that will save us from our own pollution, consumption, and wasteful practices. Marine phytoplankton are a super food without comparison; perhaps the greatest food on the planet!

Here is a recent video I created to showcase this blog and my entry into the marine phytoplankton health bonanza...

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